Our mission is to connect Japanese companies to the world.

Ueda Trading Co., Ltd. is an organization that responds to a wide range of medical and automobile-related tasks,
mainly "Certification acquisition work fully compatible with oversea parts certification system".

In the main certification acquisition business,
we have a track record in the top class in Asia. In order for Japanese manufacturers to be active in the world,
we have the pride that we are underpinning their activities.

From our daily work,
we hope that Japan will shine in the world・・・


In order to comply with the Brazilian parts certification system that came into effect in January 2012, we established CCT Japan in the same year, and since then we have acquired many parts manufacturer's parts certification and accumulated achievements .

In order to make our feature "obtain certification with one stop service" a denser service, we transferred this work to our group Ueda Trading Co., Ltd. in order to incorporate international transportation of test items into this one-stop service , which are now implemented.

Ueda Trading Co., Ltd. intends to build even better service based on know-how of this work cultivated at CCT Japan Co., Ltd.

Ueda Trading Co., Ltd.
Head office:B-6 Hillside Terrace, 29-18, Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, 1500033, Japan
March 2014
License number
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission No.303312221387


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