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Ueda Trading Co., Ltd. works on business in order for Japanese manufacturers to be active in the world, we have the pride that we are underpinning their activities.



Ueda Trading Co., Ltd. is an organization that responds to a wide range of medical and automobile-related tasks, mainly "Certification acquisition work fully compatible with oversea parts certification system".

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We are developing business in a wide range of fieldswe aim for sequential expansion

We are developing
business in a wide range of fields
we aim for sequential expansion

What's New

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  • Due to the change in BIS certification in India, we fully support both AIS and BIS certifications.


  • We are currently accepting applications for new Vietnam certification acquisition !! For applications until January 2017, we can dispatch auditors from February the following month !!

  • “One stop service” also corresponds to Vietnam parts certification starting from July 2017. Opened an office in Hanoi City, Vietnam. Fully support factory audit and sampling in Japanese.

Ueda Trading Co., Ltd.


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